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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Over a million served

Your foreign correspondent here with an exciting bit of news shamelessly ripped off from our friends at Podiobooks! Here's an excerpt from a recent post of Evo's:

What if you passed a million podcast downloads, and sorta missed it?

On October 18th, with very little fanfare, a major freaking milestone was achieved. It was on or about that time that we delivered over ONE MILLION podcast downloads. Quite the accomplishment in just over a year, I think...

...At any rate, I’m stoked and you should be, too. Hats off to all of our authors. Without them, this would not have been possible. They rock. And you rock too, ‘cuz it was all y’all that did the downloading. Hell, everyone rocks!

Now, let’s go for a BILLION! (Yes, I’m good at math and sorta kidding. But it’s good to have goals…)

It's pretty damn impressive really, and it's only the beginning! You can read Evo's full post HERE.

1 comment:

Audio Addict said...

Holy Crap!!!
That is absolutely amazing!!!