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Monday, October 09, 2006

Society Withdrawl

Hmm.. I might be going through withdrawl here in Boston. See, most of you know by now I'm dubbed "podcast princess" by my dear friends up in Halifax (which wow- I feel so much closer to them right now- like I could hop a ferry or something!), and I put their podcast together for them each week. Since January, consistantly.

Well, here I sit. Knowing the show is on tomorrow and I have nothing to do. Nothing to prepare. Nothing to edit. And it totally sucks! But I realized how anal I've become about the podcast too- OMG I sent them flipping CODE for the show notes, so they wouldn't have to mess with it (ok and so it would be the way I do them...). LOL! I'm a sick girl... I never knew I had the control freaky gene!

But I did have a point here. I go over to their page to see what's going on, and I'm like, WOW! Jack is turning into his own addict blog! Here's what I found:

New Schlock Audio goodies! (which my sis was telling me today she REALLY likes to hear, and I was just thrilled she listened to SS!)

Red Panda Season Two Begins! (I have it on the iPod, but haven't listened yet... was finishing their podcast extra first.)

So now, since I feel completely useless as an audio addict, I will go drown my sorrows in the above-mentioned iPod...

(cue sappy pity-music)

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