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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Original People

Here, kitty kitty...
I think I've done more blogging this week away than I have at home in the past month or so! But thank you so much Mr. Taylor for sneaking in a post there, I know what a busy man you are with the next Red Panda season going strong. :-)

If anyone scrolls downward and checks the sideboard, you have probably noticed that there is a quote of the day posted. Today's was a good one:

There are no original ideas. There are only original people.
Barbara Grizzuti Harrison

I know a couple original people I'd like to mention right now. Last night I shared a beer and numerous munchie finger-foods with Jerry Robbins of Colonial Radio Theatre (all right we each had our own beer). I got PRESENTS!! Yay!!! I picked his mind about radio theatre, and he picked my mind about podcasting. Did I have a recorder? Why, of course not. That would require brain power and actual thinking ahead. It was a wonderful time, and I am honored to have met this writing machine in person. I'm just glad he had a whole two hours to kill!

It was also a nice break from playing Sherpa to my sister and her family. Unfortunately, while here we have had a family emergency, so the stress only continued to build. I won't bore you all with the details, but it leads me to original person number 2. He's a pickle of a guy, and he sent me this video to cheer me when I was up late last night, and thinking, and stressing, as I tend to do... what a doll. And he looked like a... pickle doll...
(takes quite a few minutes to download, give it time... )

OK, this sherpa's break is over!

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