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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Fun in Texas!


The Texas Radio Theatre is broadcasting and streaming tonight
on KNTU 88.1 Denton.

Catch "Hecate Hill" an original audio play by Bill Fountain at 7pm
Central Time.

It's about a group of cyclists, trapped in a cabin, surrounded by an
army of skunk-apes ready to take over the World.

Find out more at hecatehill (dot) com
kntu (dot) unt (dot) edu

Also catch a new episode of the WHISPER "Some Things are Better Left
UNDEAD" streamed on KNTU's website. Not sure where exactly on the
website. Check the above website for details.

(I looked around but couldn't find anything about the streaming of the Whisper... maybe someone else will have better luck?? Let me know and I'll update!)


Rich said...

The PD at the station had trouble ripping 'the whisper' so I will encode it within the hour (noon central time) and ftp it to him.

Once he gets it - he'll put a link on the main page of the website, and it should be up for a little while.

That's the story and I'm sticking to it.

Rich said...'s up.

I can't get it to stream myself - can anyone verify that it works...

"Breaker Breaker... Sonic Society... Need me a radio check... come on back... 4-10 over"

Rich said...



SamA said...

Hate to be a bearer of bad tidings, but the mp3 button doesn't work. I tried Explorer, Safari and Fire Fox as well as trying to directly open it with WMP which it keeps trying to launch but fails to recognized the file. Let em know if it gets up and running.
Happy Halloween Rich and all the TRT'ers