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Friday, September 29, 2006

PMD Day One- oh please let me sleep!

Ha. Well that ain't happening. First off, thank you Ajay (All Axis Radio) for letting me borrow your laptop, and pretending not to hear me grumble about having to figure out a Mac.

So- Thursday afternoon was fairly uneventful until the evening, when everyone had finished trickling in, and trickled to the bar area to see if they could place anyone. What was REALLY funny is that I was recognized before I recognized anyone else. Space case that I am, I finally realized that *I* seem to be the only one brave enough to use a photo of herself as an avatar on the 800 sites I parooze. LOL! But hey, I had podcasters buying me drinks, so I ain't complainin'. ;-)

Today was the first day of the expo. The keynotes were actually quite good, and inspiring, as much as I could be inspired at 9 am on about 3 hours sleep and nursing a latte.

Note to Jack Ward: One of the keynotes was Ron Moore!!! It was totally cool, and I will be very VERY disappointed in you if you read this and have to google who he is. The reason this is important- someone asked a question about him ever starting his own fictional podcast (btw these keynotes will be available as a podcast at a future date), and his answer was if he did, it would be more like an audio play- WHICH HE DIDN'T THINK THERE WERE ANY YET ON PODCAST!!!! Dude- email him!! All of you audio cinema podcasters- show him this medium!!

OK, so, here's whom I have met so far:
-Rick from Variant Frequencies
-Steve Eley from Escape Pod (he signed my dance card ;-) )
-Darryl from the Poddog show
-Ajay from All Axis Radio (hence being able to communicate with you all now)
-Tee Morris (the other half of "Podcasting for Dummies")
-J. Marcus Xavier from Silent Universe
-Charles Cadenhead from Mostly News
-Gary and Jeff from the Podcast Pickle
-Bruce from the Zedcast (GEEZ I have never seen so many Canadians in America before!)

OMG so many others my brain cannot function at the moment- thank goodness for business cards!!!
(Note to self: next time bring business cards!)

So, now I'm heading up to a party that Podcast Pickle is throwing, and I'm hoping to make it over for a live taping of Wingin' It!, but since I actually have to leave the hotel for that one, I'm thinking that is not going to happen...

OK that is my update- more tomorrow!!


Jesse said...

Sounds like a blast! I envy you Audio Addict!

SamA said...

Mac's rule Dani. Sounds like your having fun, looking forward to new posts.

Anonymous said...

Hey there! *waves* it was GREAT to finally meet you.

~ J. Marcus Xavier
The Silent Universe

Audio Addict said...

Heheheeeee... did anyone notice I wrote "PMD" in the sub line? Oh man that is funny!!!

Working out day two of this shin dig...
putting into words...