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Monday, October 23, 2006

Stirrings in the Dark Building

UPDATE! Check out this quick interview on Lit Between The Ears. What a GREAT name for a blog!

I squealed with glee when I saw a newsletter from DRE in my inbox! Someone's alive in that dark building!! They have been busy too... here's their latest trailer for the newest anthology series, "Realm Weaver" :

Breaking the Gloaming Trailer

From the newsletter:

Get ready for a whole new season of madcap adventures aboard the Titan 1! Yes, Robotz of the Company's 3rd Season gets underway beginning in December with two all-new specials! First up you will get to hear what goes on behind the scenes in our exclusive special featurette entitled: "Behind the Botz"! Followed up in time for Santicon Day with the Robotz of the Company Players rendition of Dickens' own classic holiday tale "A Santicon Carol"! All this will be followed up in January when the 3rd Season of Robotz of the Company kicks off with all-new twists and turns! So, stay tuned!

(If you have never heard ROTC, or would like to catch up before season three begins, copy and paste THIS into your podcatcher, and enjoy! Or head to the BLOG and listen that way!)

That isn't enough for you?! Okay then, we can also promise a new trip inside the TARDIS, as our Doctor Who Fan Series returns in 2007 with the exciting four part adventure "War Torn" written by Kyle Borcz and Julio Angel Ortiz. And if you want more, we have Kyle Borcz' amazing new suspense/thriller Soleil also coming your way soon! All this and more will be coming your way soon exclusively from DREGold! So, don't miss any of the action!

I can't tell you how excited I am about all the things happening with DRE- it's going to be a great year for them! :-)

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