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Monday, September 04, 2006

No Justice for Decoder Ring Fans!

Because, their season of Black Jack Justice is now over, with their final installment, "Justice and the Happy Ending".

"Every man has his ghosts. Old square-jaw didn't figure he had any
right to expect to be the exception. But sometimes the past takes on
flesh and looks you in the eye... and things can never be quite the
same afterwards. When that moment comes for Jack and Trixie, will it
bring down the whole house of cards, coffee and gaudy metaphors; or
will it re-introduce those most contradictory concepts - Justice and
the Happy Ending?"

Gregg Taylor and the gang have been so busy this past year- and we have certainly benefited with the 30 episodes of Red Panda and Black Jack Justice combined. I know I look forward to more episodes of the Red Panda, which begin in about a month!

But keep your eyes peeled on your podcatcher, because they are going to be putting out some "special features" before that!

Congrats on all your hard work gang... I'm sure you will do absolutely nothing but rest these next few weeks... (insert thick sarcasm here)


DecoderRing said...

lol... Oh sure....

Actually, we're only taking one extra week "off"... and only because apparently I can't count. To two.

The plan was always to run seamlessly from Black Jack 12 to the Season One Spectacular right into Red Panda Adventures 13... but after months of plugging October 7th as the return date for the Red Panda I realized that back in May when I counted ahead ( week... no show week... show week... no show week...) I got it wrong. It should have been Sept 30.

So not only will we not be relaxing, but in a week and a half we start recording sessions for the second half of next season (April - Sept '07). And according to my day timer, I should have started writing Red Panda 26 today. And didn't.

Fie, fiddle-dee dee, An audio dramatist's life for me...

DecoderRing said...
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dustdaughter said...

I'm going to miss Black Jack Justice! Thank goodness there will be new Red Panda Adventures to fill the void.


DecoderRing said...

At the risk of making the exact same mistake again... I think Jack and Trixie will be back on Dec 30.

But don't quote me on that... lol

Audio Addict said...

LOL- well I heard a rumor that Black Jack is opening up the Sonic Society season... so all is not lost... we get it in re-runs! ;-)