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Saturday, September 16, 2006

New Darker Projects: Dark Matter

It pays to have a service like Bloglines. I subscribe to all the new podcast feeds so I can see what's out there.

I tell you, it's slim pickings, if I were to go by title alone. I am really picky when it comes to talk shows, and really that is what most of the new podcasts are- talk shows. And alot of them, I hate to say, are not all that great.

However, when I see a name I know, such as Darker Projects, well, I'm going to click on over and see what's happening.

They have a new sci fi audio series out, and it promises to be a good one! I took a listen to their intro mp3, and I'm certainly intrigued...

The first episode is called, in true sci-fi form, "The Specimen":

Consider the possibilities if earlier experiments by nature had taken hold, and humanity as we know it today had evolved in an entirely different way. In such a world, the notion of what it is to be human would be entirely alien to us, and what is human in our eyes would indeed be a strange...specimen.

I can't wait to take a listen! According to their website it's been out for a month now, so if anyone's listened, leave a comment and tell us what you thought of it!


Jesse said...

I've already heard the first ep, it's VERY VERY GOOD. I'm, becoming a Darker Projects addict! Dani wanna work on a co-post about these guys?

Darkin Inc said...

Either before or after you listen, check out the article that inspired the story.

"Reinvention", by PZ Myers, posted to his blog, Pharyngula at