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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A season ends... again.

We jump ahead for this week's Sonic Society, bringing you last season's finale. Texas Radio Theatre is at the helm, and Shadowlands Theatre bringing up the rear.

Why? Because Season TWO begins next week! Yipppeeeeeeee!

OK, in all honesty, I'm a complete snob, and like the sound of my voice, so I wanted to replay the interview I did with the guys talking about how awesome the first season was.

OK, so that isn't totally honest. I can't stand the sound of my voice, but I do in fact really enjoy this interview. I personally think it's the most fun I've had chatting with them, and that IS being totally honest. I hope they ask me back this coming season.... hehehe.

Also, I notice they have been busy re-constructing the SS website, giving it a whole new look. I must say it looks quite purdy, and very easy to navigate. (get it? Navigating the SS Website? Ohhh yeeeaaaaaah, I'm a dork....)

Go on over and check it out- you can even leave a message THERE and tell them how it looks!
While you're at it, send an email to, and wish Andrew luck on taking over the esteemed hosting duties this year. You're going to do a GREAT job my dear! :-D

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