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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Holiday Weekend Treats #2

Seriously, I'm a total flake. I pimp this puppy everywhere else EXCEPT on this blog. Why I realize this now at almost 3am- I dunno.
So get this- I'm going to copy a post from SFF audio- one that *I* made.

It's almost like there are two of me.... and that is one scary thought!

Firefly:Old WoundsI'm excited to let everyone know that the next installment of the fan audio Firefly:Old Wounds, has been posted and is awaiting every Browncoat's eager ear! The response to the premiere a few weeks ago has been overwhelming.

Episode Two is called "All Alone in the Black", and it picks up where we left off last episode.

Expect the following:
- More of Mal's past is revealed with this stow-away named "Timber."
- Simon continues to make a mess of things with Kaylee while the woman from his past, Derona, continues to play her cards close to her chest.
- All this and a classic styled sci-fi plot device that's just a whole lot more than anyone's bargained for.
-An interview with a few of the actors in the series, and more outtakes too!

Download the episode at Sonic Society's website, or just copy and paste this feed:

Let's keep her flyin'!

Teeheee... thanks Dani!

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