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Monday, September 11, 2006

Audio coming out of my

ears. Seriously, what were you thinking? I do not even know where to start about all the freaking awesome audio goodness about to break out- and I'm one T-I-R-E-D addict. I've been talking all freaking day into my mic. But more about THAT later. Right now, I have some cool Sonic goodness.

Tomorrow is the Season Premiere of The Sonic Society! I'm so very glad it's here- it has been exactly 20 weeks of re-runs. Tomorrow night 8pm eastern Andrew Dorfman takes the helm, and I think we're in for a pretty good ride. I don't want to give too much away... but Jack, your humble host from last season, had some musings about it on the new Society blog. So tune in- and if you can't tune in, keep your eye on the podcatcher for the podcast to show up!

I then paroozed over to the production company, Sonic Cinema Productions. OK, well, I was looking for something. I knew they were planning on taking Halloween pics- erm, I mean fan pics of the actors in Firefly costumes, and I was hoping they were up so I could tease them.

I didn't find any blackmail pictures, but I did find something better- a little flashback to the Shadowlands days! I love free downloads! Things that begin with Sonic are guaranteed to be good, at least in the radio world. Sonic burgers, well.... ok well I have a small weakness there too. (I know- I'm WEAK!!)

OK, so the way we connect this to why I'm so tired and audio worn out is this. Sonic Society got it's very first syndication in the states- and right in my backyard! Yay! I just have no idea how that possibly could have happened... heheheh. But something very awesome for ME also happened... and if you click here, you will understand why... :-D

"Chance is always powerful." -Ovid


DecoderRing said...

You lady, just where in the name of St Lanny (the patron Saint of oversized mustaches, but that's not important right now) just where do you plan to find the time for a nightly radio show? Holy cats!

Congrats. I'm sending an extra-large bottle of Trucker's Choice pep-pills your way.

Audio Addict said...

Thanks! The most awesome thing about this is- I record from home, and it goes into the stream. :-D

It's really a very awesome and workable set up!

Though I have to be careful, or I'll have those Sonic boys sending me hate mail if I start to neglect... heheh.

OH, and has anyone SEEN my children? ;-)