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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Have you been to the Stargate Cafe yet?

Finally- I feel I've accomplished something on the listening side. I started listening to Planet Retcon's podcast a couple of months ago- and then saw other shiny things and was distracted for awhile.

But today I sat down, determined to finish and get caught up! And I did! Yay! Well, I'm as caught up as they will let me be... at any rate.

The Stargate Cafe is dubbed "a sitcom in space", which I can actually compare to say, "Cheers" in space. It's really cute- and it really does play out like a sitcom! All they need is the canned laughter! (The word from the sponsors- oh how perfect!!!)

There are a couple other stories in the podcast too, but I wanted to stick to one, so I haven't heard them yet. I plan on doing that while waiting for episode number 8!

Oh!! I guess I can also call them an award winning podcast- since they just won a Parsec Award for Best Audio Drama! So congrats to them! :-)

1 comment:

Wesley said...

Canned laughter? NEVER!

And episode 8 is *almost* in post-production, so you better start catching up with the rest!