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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Parsec Award Winners

UPDATE: Michael and Evo's Wingin' It! was live from Dragon*Con, and their show is up! It's a MUST LISTEN folks, and let me tell you why. Mz. Geek-Fu herself, Mur Lafferty, reads an essay live. That she wrote while drunk. She explains the reasoning behind her lack of contributing to the show. Let's just say... it has to do with, um... intimate parts of the human body...
Trust me, this ain't your normal essay from Mur. ;-) I honestly think this essay is the funniest thing I've ever heard in my entire life.

A small, warning, there is absolutely no way to prepare you for the extensive use of the words "d***" and "c***" in this, so if that isn't your thing, please don't blame me. I warned ya.
Though I found it kinda hot... ~DC


From 9/5:
Well, this past weekend was DragonCon. From what I hear, everyone had a bitchin' time. Here are the winners of the first ever Parsec Awards, which you can even listen to!
(Sorry Decoder- I was pulling for ya! But Congrats to Planet Retcon! And WTF? 7th Son didn't win?????? Well, now I have some new podcasts to check out... )

Listen to the 2006 Awards here!

The Winners and Nominees of the 2006 Parsec Awards are:

Best Fiction (Short)

Absolution Insured
Variant Frequencies, Matt Wallace

"Hero", Escape Pod, Scott Sigler
"Legacies", Brief Glimpses of Somewhere Else, Daniel Emery
"The Trouble with Death Traps", Escape Pod, Daisy James
"Truth Is", The Seanachai, Patrick McLean

Best Fiction (Long)

How to Succeed in Evil
The Seanachai, Patrick McLean

7th Son: Descent, J.C. Hutchins
Brave Men Run, Matthew Wayne Selznick
Infection, Scott Sigler
Morevi: Chronicles of Rafe and Askana, Tee Morris and Lisa Lee
Nina Kimberly the Merciless, Christiana Ellis

Best Audio Production

Virgin Falls
Jeff Folchinsky

The Falcon Banner, Chris Snyder
The Future And You, Stephen Euin Cobb
The Seanachai, Patrick McLean
The Signal, Jill Arroway

Best Writing Podcast

The Secrets
Michael A. Stackpole

Holly Lisle On Writing, Holly Lisle
The Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy, Tee Morris

Best Audio Drama (Long)

The Stargate Café
Planet Retcon

Children of the Gods, Cmack
Dismay, Sean McMinn
The Falcon Banner, Chris Snyder
Mister Adventure, Rich Sigfrit

Best Audio Drama (Short)

The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd
Grant Baciocco, Doug Price

"Decoder Ring Theatre", Stephanie Bickford, Andrea Lyons and Gregg Taylor
"Family Radio", Sound Stages
"The Hoff", Planet Retcon

Best Fiction (Non-sepeculative)

Death of A Dish Washer
The Seanachai, Patrick McLean

"Candy", The Seanachai, Patrick McLean
"The Great Puzzle", Brief Glimpses of Somewhere Else, Daniel Emery
"Outsourcing a Chicken", The Seanachai, Patrick McLean
Port City P.D., Charles Stewart, Jr.

Best Fan Podcast

The Scapecast
Kevin Bachelder, Lindy Rae and crew

Kick Ass Mystic Ninjas, Summer Brooks, Joe Murphy, David Moldawer
PotterCast, John Noe and crew
Requiem of the Outcast, Rich Sigfrit and Earl Newton
The Signal, Jill Arroway, Les Howard and Kari Haley and crew

Best News Podcast

The Future And You
Stephen Euin Cobb

Geek4x4, John M. Campbell
Requiem of the Outcast, Rich Sigfrit, Earl Newton
Sci Fi News, Lynne Gryphon
The Warp Zone, Patrick Murphy & Chris Murphy with "Gaming Guru" Rusty

Congratulations to this year's Winners & Nominees!


DecoderRing said...

Can't argue with Doctor Floyd. I had a five-spot on him myself.

DecoderRing said...

Oh, and by the by... if you can't win a Parsec Award, bag somebody who can. We've got a two-episode pilot for a Space Adventure series called Deck Gibson: Far Reach Commander written by Matt Wallace due to be recorded later this month for inclusion in our Decoder Ring Summer Showcase... as that title implies though, you're gonna have to wait nine or ten months to hear it. (what a tease I am!)