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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Addicts, Addict, listens to "Press #3"

Once again I have missed a live broadcast of The Sonic Society. But thanks to modern technology I was able to grab Tuesdays show. And it was good. It started out with one of those tales that end at the beginning. It was called "Press #3" from Crazy Dog Audio Theatre. Granted, I think these people may be a little touched. This one got weird, funny, eclectic, and political. But not quite in that order. But as the lady says. "not again".

Third Coast Live brought in some sketches. Like in the old days when you could sneak up stairs with the radio under the pillow. I did that all the time, but audio theatre was a very dead thing back then. But for me, just something to listen to, for a natural nocturnal person.

These sketches included "Dick, Private Eye" one memorable line, of course I like the gumshoe stuff, was, "Do you like my arms like this?", "Do you like my lips like this?", "Do shot me!", to which he states, "I wasn't going to wait for how the knife felt in my back". There were some other sketches mixed in there. But that was the best.

Another story was quite intriguing, about a man, Will, who lived in a place he felt out of touch in. He wanted to get a job but didn't really see the point as everyone had one, but the days were never changing. A police officer would put tickets on cars everyday that would never be driven. But didn't ask who kept taking the tickets. And another man who worked on the same piece of wood for a house never to be built. Will was however offered a job, child care, so to speak. Babysitting for a little girl who has never grown. From what I could hear, this was the only real job in this whole place.

I would give it away to give more, but I enjoyed this outing of The Sonic Society, and as always, I did have the best seat in the house.

I have seen a television ad for The Sonic Society, but alas it is in my head. There is a man tinkering with something, the narration begins.........

Inward voice, "I'll never get this thing done" what is the thing? "I'll never get this motor done" Pops on screen now, a motor for the man to work on. Partially in view may be a garage, until, his wife walks in the door. "Have you got it finished yet?", "Hey I am in the kitchen". Garage scene evaporates, now a full kitchen. Audio depicts a woman soft footsteps onto the way into the kitchen, where in she stubs her tow in the living room, and steps on a cat. We built in our imagination the scene.

Audio drama is like a book, scenes are suggested in noises and such. But they build in the imagination. I could see a television ad for The Sonic Society like that. Blank white backdrops being filled in as the thirty second story unfolds. Just like imagination.

These Tuesday nights are fun when I get them off, and can enjoy it live with the addict. Next week would be worth me putting in a request for Tuesdays off, screw the boat for which I do not want to rock, but "Yankee Clipper"? These people are awesome. If you caught "A Christmas Carol", you'll love "Yankee Clipper". I have been excited about this.

Until next time, this is the Addicts, Addict

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