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Friday, December 02, 2005

Special Shadowlands Podcasts

Why I am up at 1:45 am, I have no clue. Having sick kids home for three days has my system all out of whack I imagine.

BUT as I was wandering around in internetland, I noticed that there are special Sonic Society podcasts uploaded, featuring two Shadowlands plays.

Check them out yourself HERE and HERE.

I'm happy I get to add Phillipa Graves to my collection! I just remembered the last time I heard it (well bits of it) was when I was in Halifax two summers ago and they had a fill-in show. I even squeaked a few words out on the airwaves myself. ;-)

And on that nostalgic note- I had better get to sleep! The kids may be under the weather, but it doesn't stop them from getting up EARLY.....

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