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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

RIP iPod

See that list down there in the last entry? The one I spent WAY too much time on?

Welll- PFFFFT. Perhaps the universe is trying to tell me to keep my ears open during my vacation, cause my silly iPod DIED. Made it three quarters of the way through the flight, and then NADA.

So, though this is not a big deal while here, I do dread the flight home... dammit.

I did get one small moment of joy however. I had downloaded the season finale of Robotz of the Company from Dream Realm's website- and listened to it before my mp3 world came crashing down around me. OMG- it was so funny!!! This time I could recognize both Jack and Andrew's voices.... teeheee....

So, I hope everyone will be listening tonight! I'll be thinking of you...


PS- GEEZ it's flipping COLD here. People actually function in this weather????

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