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Monday, December 12, 2005

Isolated Heroes in Space

As I am about to travel across the country to spend Christmas with my family in Massachusetts and New York, Tuesday's Sonic Society has us traveling through space again with the next chapter of The Arbiter Chronicles, by Prometheus Radio Theatre.

I was browsing through their website- hey did you all know they have had George Takei- flipping Mr. Sulu- as a guest voice? Now color me impressed! :-)

We're going to hear a little bit from Crazy Dog Theatre about writing radio drama, and there is still more Robotz of the Company! For some reason I thought it was finished... considering I helped put the schedule together that is a little embarrassing. The addict is not paying attention! :-S

So, this is it for me for this year I'm afraid. I've batted my eyes at Dave just enough to get him to update the blog for the next couple of shows... because I can't just let it all DIE for the two weeks I'm gone! Though knowing me, you will probably catch me lurking here and there.. I am an addict after all, and staying away is next to impossible. :-P

Keep your ears in tune to the sounds around you,

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