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Friday, December 16, 2005

A Super Present from a SuperPal

A fellow addict gave me the heads up on this link- I've got it downloaded and all ready on the playlist for my pending travels! The website this came from is pretty cool too- check it out!
Thanks Brad!

From our friends at Great Northern Audio Theatre!:

Dear Friends and Listeners:

The rogue comet, Skippy, is headed right for Big City. Who are you going to call? Ok, you called them and they weren't home--who else are you going to call? That's right SuperPal. "SuperPal: The Saving of the World" is the story of the plucking of Big City from total disaster told through press conferences and in-depth interviews with the people who say they knew SuperPal best: His agent, his girlfriend, and some other people.

SuperPal was recorded in July, 2005 live at CONVergence 2005 Science Fiction Convention in Bloomington, MN. We didn't even know we were making fun of FEMA in this 28-minute audio satire, but sometimes you get lucky and get ahead of the curve.

At the last Great Northern Audio Theatre Board of Directors meeting Brian said, "We couldn't even give away this show, if we tried."

"Sure we could," said Jerry. "We'll just let them download it."

"For free?"

"What the hay," reflected Jerry.

"You're killing me here, Jerry, you're killing me," said Brian.

So, for a limited time only (from now until Christmas) Click here and download our SuperPal MP3 files and enjoy. Be sure to download the credits PDF, so you'll know who did what.

Prove Brian wrong.
Prove Jerry right (he usually is).
And download SuperPal: The Saving of the World" today.

A very Merry Christmas.
For Free.

Great Northern Audio Theatre


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