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Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Word Of The Year Is..

December 7, 2005 2:04 PM PST

Podcasting, the word of the year

Just a year ago, the term "podcast" was considered for inclusion in the New Oxford American Dictionary of English, but rejected because not enough people were using it, according to a BBC story. Now, however, illustrating the technology's rapid growth in popularity, the term is not only being added, it's been declared the dictionary's Word of the Year, the story says.


The New Oxford American is following the lead of the Oxford Dictionary of English, which added the podcast and other tech terms last summer. We're still waiting for Merriam-Webster to catch up.

No one is out there arguing that there shouldn't be an official word for "a digital recording of a radio broadcast or similar program, made available on the Internet for downloading to a personal audio player," as podcast is defined in both dictionaries.

But some bloggers take issue with the "pod" in podcast, derived from Apple's iPod music player. They, like some in Redmond, Wash., argue that the term is a misnomer--podcasts can be listened to on any digital music player.

Blog community response:

"Great that it has entered the dictionary, but I do not necessarily agree with the definition. What about RSS? To me, that is what sets podcasting apart from other downloadable audio files online. Also, I don't like the radio reference...I think it is pigeonholing the genre."
--The Sum of My Parts

"The Philoneist says: Radio on demand applications are rightfully hailed as easily produced, distributed, and promoted, giving rise to the Internet as a grassroots medium with limitless avenues for content. Thankfully, Apple has paved the way for this environment with the iPod. The Misoneist says: But do they deserve all the credit (and free advertising) associated with this word? To the victor goes the spoils."

"Interestingly, the BBC also says the term was first coined by journalist Ben Hammersley. And ever since, podcasters have been explaining, "No, even though the name is PODcast, you don't need an iPod!" Now we know who to blame.:-)"
--Trafcom News

Posted by Michelle Meyers


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