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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Standing in for a "Vacationing" Addict

I always get a little excited when these radio programs start. The hair stands up a bit. And the colonial theatre of course out do themselves. The audio quality is astounding. And to do, A Christmas Carol in such a way. Well I have to tell you, hair on end. Surely I have seen the story, but still my imagination doesn't reference much of that.

"The chance in hope" Jacob says. Scrooge is the defiant one isn't he?

A Christmas Carol has lessons we could all learn. And not just at the holiday season. Like the first spirit who brings Ebenezer to his past. Long lost childhood memories that we so soon forget.

"May you be happy in the life you have chosen". Those are the words of whom Ebenezer could have called, wife. I could easily get political about this. But he chose a path early on in his years of greed. You wonder where Mr. Scrooge went wrong. The man he worked for loved Christmas, reveled in the holiday.

Oh I hear a station break. Fizz Gizit, well I do not know how to spell the name, so there you go. And I have recently had a short chat with Jack ( Orson Wells reincarnate ) about upcoming Colonial Radio Theatres "Yankee Clipper", and more airings of it. Big smile there. Also, Biff Stryker is coming up in the future. That's exciting stuff, heady material for Biff, but then again he's a clod of a space cadet, and that is the fun. Fizz is from "Robots of the Company" a personal favorite of the addict. The station break featured o'le Fizz chatting up "The Sonic Society". It is so coming together from what it once was.

When I was young I remember searching through the AM band late at night and happening across a radio play. Great entertainment. One recollection was traveling late at night and happening across a cassette with radio plays on it. Guess I have been an addict too.

Back to the program.......

The second guest, a jolly giant. The ghost of Christmas present. "God bless us, everyone". Tiny Tim had said that he wanted those in church to see him. To remember who helped those to walk, and those to see. It is Christmas at the Cratchets, "God bless Mr. Scrooge", I run a few emotions in that. I guess I could raise a glass to an employer. They do pay me, so I can make a Christmas feast. The Jolly giant has more for Scrooge to see, as time is fleeting for this spirit. As once fat he his now frail, and protruding from his robe a sight, and at his legs, as he shows Scrooge a metaphor or two, two children they are. Scrooge asks, "have they no resources, have they no recourse?" "Are there no prisons, are there no work houses!" the spirit exclaims. Charles Dickens himself is saying something to his people of the day. Or to those of the present.

Death comes calling. Or ghost of the future. This spirit shows Scrooge as you know, the Christmas future, of a pawn broker buying trinkets "he feared us in life, but profited us in his death". Of a household without a child. And the about face that all this brought about onto Scrooge. It is a great story. One that could be told in any time of year really. And hats off to The Colonial Radio Theatre, true to it, right down to the accents.

And now the the seasons final performance of "Robots of the Company". A holiday episode no less with a Santacon. These robots usually include the audience into the story. By usually asking at times if we are getting it. Or not. Very funny stuff. Of course some characters were done by our friends at "The Sonic Society".

And next time from "Crazy Dog Theatre" "Press Number Three". Crazy Dog presented "Gerry, in the dark passage". So "Press Number Three" should be good as well. And as Jack says "Join us, won't you?"

This has been -=topper=-

Have a great santacon day

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Audio Addict said...

Vacationing? Who's vacationing? I'm playing on the internet, the only way to keep my fingers warm is to TYPE!!

Heeheee.. can't wait to hear Biff again... don't tell the Norweigans!!!

Santicon day was very cool... and here's a quick update: My iPod actually works now!! It's a Christmas miracle!!! Yippeeee!!!

OK, no more eggnog for me tonight...
~Dani (from the FREEZING Northeast)