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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Podcasting from Mars

Shamelessly copied from- well, my own blog actually:

I have a friend. His name is Rick. Rick hosts an awesome podcast called "Variant Frequencies". They began a message board.

I have another friend. His name is Matt. Matt writes a series for Variant Frequencies called, "The Failed City Monologues". He wanted to help give the message board some attention. So he made a proposition.

Matt is cool. Here is the last line of the first fiction ever with my name in it:

"And that's how Dani Cutler, the audio addict with the coolest name in the 'sphere, became the first woman to podcast from Mars."

Wanna see the rest? Of course you DO.

Now, I just need it read by the author....

Make sure you check out, and join the VF message board!

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