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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

How would you like to host your own public radio show?

The Public Radio Talent Quest
I found this over on Podcasting News, and thought all you addicts would definitely want to know about it. There is a contest out there sponsored by the Public Radio Exchange, and they want new show hosts! From their FAQ page:

What's this "Talent Quest" all about?

We're looking for the next great public radio host - three of them actually.

Public radio needs new ideas and new voices - especially as it expands online and beyond broadcast.

We thought the best way to find new talent was to throw it wide open, inviting the public to enter, to vote, and generally help shape the whole thing.

It is public radio, after all.

Yes, indeed it is. Round one begins on April 14th, and there are cash and prizes all along the way! It's the American Idol of Public Radio!

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