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Sunday, March 04, 2007

New home for Voice Actors to meetup

Are you a voice actor looking for a part? Do you feel you are limited in places you can look for said parts? And, do you find that the parts you've done do not really show off your true abilities?

Well, look no further! A new group has started in yahooland... Voice Actors United! It's a brand-spanking new forum created not only for VA's, but to bring awareness to the most awesome world of radio drama/ audio cinema/whatever term you'd like to use.

When I say brand-spanking new, I'm talking about 24 hours new. Right now it's a bunch of introductions, but I know that soon, it will begin to take shape.

Head over and join- you'll be glad you did. After all, I'm not just a spokesperson for Voice Actors United, I'm also a member. ;-)

1 comment:

Voice Actors said...

Hi there,

Congrats on starting your own discussion forum!

If you need anything or would like to reference some voice acting resources, you are welcome to pop by, the Voice Marketplace to read our blogs, listen to the VOX Talk podcast or create a profile to be found, heard and hired :)

Looking forward to watching your community grow.

Best regards,

Stephanie Ciccarelli
VOX Daily Voice Actors Blog