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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Insomniatic Blog Cleaning

Well, I've cleaned up the site a bit. Actually, I might have made it more cluttered, I don't know. As I sit here at almost 2:30 in the morning (yes I just took that picture), I decided to do a few maintenance items to the site. I added a few shows that have been on The Sonic Society but have not been added to my links yet. I put up a video from Mo Rocca about the Public Radio Contest, and shrunk the button I had originally. I even made a blogroll from my Bloglines account, so you can have access to all the audio sites that I check daily. Don't you feel special?

Oh, and the Twitter button. Dear God, I fought that one as long as I could. But, not only am I an audio addict, I am also a device-and gadget-I- have-no-use-for addict as well. How I fought off the Twits! But when I was told I could have it connected to my cell phone? Oh man... that was it for me. I'm as bad a text-messenger as any 15-year-old. I'm waiting for my husband to confiscate my phone and ground me. And that's fine. I will just stomp up to my room, slam the door, and play Marilyn Manson music at full volume.

But now, with this button, all of YOU get to see the insanely unimportant things I plug in. Yayyyyyy- YOU!

Anyway, those of you who have subscribed to this feed, and get email notifications with the posts, I invite you to come on over to the site and take a look-see! Those of you reading directly, well, you see it all ready. :-P

All right, time to attempt that sleep thing again.

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