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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Perfect way to deal with "Panda withdrawal"

Why, there IS justice in the world!

OK, I have no clue what that means. Methinks the sun fried my brain today, it was 111 degrees! (That would be like, what? 44 degrees celsius to you uh, non-American folk? And I was outside ALL afternoon...disintegrating. Seriously, they should have handed me a loofah and some soap because I might have well taken a bath, the pool water was so warm.)

But I digress... Decoder Ring Theatre is switching gears for the summer with new episodes of Black Jack Justice- now through October! I can't think of a better way to deal with the long, long, LONG wait for new Red Panda episodes.

Well, other than listening to all of them over again, I suppose. (fried, I tell you- FRIED!)

Mordecai Brasseau had been nothing but bad luck for Jack Justice Investigations since the first time he walked through the door. A nice man, but a jinx - quite possibly the unluckiest man in the world. Each time Jack and Trixie took on a case for him, they swore it would be the last. Sooner or later they had to be right... and the registered letter inviting them to the reading of Mordecai's will suggested that time had finally come.... Or, maybe not.


DecoderRing said...

111? Yow! That's too hot. Actually, most Canadians use Celcius in the winter and Fahrenheit (sic?) in the summer. It means when it's cold, we can always say its "Minus-whatever", but in the summer we can say its "ninety-what-have-you".... It makes it all seem so much more dramatic.

Similarly, weight and distance are always metric, except when speaking of the height or weight of a person, then its feet and pounds. I shouldn't be telling you this... its how we spot intruders...

Now we just need to find you a waterproof iPod....

Audio Addict said...

I'm an intruder?

DecoderRing said...

Oh, gawrsh... I didn't mean to spread frowny faces... It was good ol' Canadian self-parody...

**sigh** Never post comments before the fourth cup of coffee

Audio Addict said...

I knew that... how could you EVER think of sweet 'lil ME as an intruder? :-)

Heck, I'm waiting for my honourary citizenship! (See that- I threw a 'u' in there!) ;-)

All smiles!