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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

From Calgary to Halifax, all in one post

Yesterday I think I listened to one of the best episodes of All Axis Radio: Canada yet. I mean, he told a story. A story with music!

Why, I LOVE stories!!!!! It was funny, yet made a very good point at the end. About a topic I wish more people would not be so afraid to look at straight in its ugly face. Because the only way you can deal with an issue like that is head on.

So impressed was I that I rambled on about it in my podcast. (Yes, I do have my own podcast, I'm just being sort of low key about it. But now that I've got 6 episodes under my belt, I'm feeling more and more like coming out of the podcasting closet.)

Got your curiosity up yet?
All Axis #33

Then we head east, where my boyz happen to be on right now at CKDU doing that Sonic Society thang. Tonight I'm told by my fellow Addict Dave (this is awful- I'm NOT listening!) that they are replaying the wonderful Jack and the Beanstalk by Colonial Radio Theatre. If you want to hear this exquisite story, I'd grab the archive for sure!

The podcast however, is another Shadowlands great- Graves Shift, along with an interview with the above mentioned Colonial theatre's Jerry Robbins too!
Sonic Society: Graves Shift

Whew! I tell you- I need to make a listening schedule, and have it on a big board hanging next to my computer. There is just SO MUCH!!!

I will catch up soon, have two little addicts birthday's this weekend, so time will be scarce. But you know where my ears will be!

Attached to my head, of course. ;-)

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