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Friday, June 30, 2006

The Addict's Podcast List: The Finale!

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Here we are- the last installment of my very predictable podcast list.

Sex With Emily
Shrink Rap Radio( Dr. Dave totally rocks!)
Silent Universe(OK- if you go to the site and watch the little banner thingy with all the reviews... you'll see mine! LOL! That was so totally cool!)
Small World Podcast
Sonic Society(Duh. But the only reason I'm subscribed is so I can make sure the feed updates ok...only had one mistake so far! Not bad since January! *knocks on her wooden head*)
Spaceship Radio
Texas Radio Theatre(More please, Mr. Frohlich!!)
As It Happens
The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd
The Sci Phi Show
The Signal(Doesn't everyone listen to this one?)
Truth Seekers(Again, just checking that feed thing- you're all subscribed, right?)
Variant Frequencies
Voices: New Media Fiction

Kay.... DONE! At least until the next 20 things I add to my list. Enjoy browsing, and let me know what else I need to subscribe to!

Currently reading:
Cell: A Novel
By Stephen King
Release date: By 24 January, 2006

Whoops- I copied the entire myspace entry... but what the heck I'll leave it.
Part 3 here.

I'm going back to my book! Within 4 pages all hell broke loose- OMFG! I started it yesterday at the bookstore with my daughter's, and in the 30 minutes sitting there while they spent b-day money, I was 1/3 into it. I should be finished tonight. I eat this stuff like candy, and right now it provides good escape.

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