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Friday, June 02, 2006

Batman Fan Fiction

Clyme over at the Voice Acting Alliance tipped me off to some great fan fiction!

Batman: No Man's Land:
A New Batgirl entered onto the scene when Black Mask attacked the Clock Tower (where Oracle lives), Oracle, being the first (and only so far) Batgirl was NOT pleased by this new Vigilante, and she told Batman as much.

Regardless, Batman has teamed up with this new Masked Maiden.

The GCPD or "Blue Boys" have a solid grip on their territory of TriCorner and all the way up to the Clocktower, but now they have TwoFace to the East, and Penguin to the North. Because of this, Gordon has planned an offensive on Penguin. He sent Renee to ask Two Face for help. Something neither of them are comfortable with.

Two Face and Penguin are planning something that involves Bait and choral hydrate, Two Face promised Penguin Batman's Land, if Penguin will lighten up on the northern permiter so Two Face can move West, into the Blue Boys Territory.

They've got 10 episodes up at the link.. I'm downloading as I type. Batman is my favorite superhero... the darker the better. ;-)

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