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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Are you funnin' me?

We're finished with another season of Decoder Ring's Red Panda all ready???
I feel like the season just started...

Oh yeah. I listened to 4 of them in a row one day like a month ago. *blush*
So much to listen to.... so I do it in spurts sometimes. :-P

"What does one do when one has seen it all? Done it all? Been to every corner of the former Empire and hunted every quarry known to man? Where does the mighty hunter turn for a challenge? Col. Barker Whistance-Smith, late of his Majesty's service, turns to the wilds of the urban jungle, and his quarry is the new breed of Mystery Man. But when he sets his sights upon The Red Panda, will he learn the folly of hunting... The Deadliest Game?

This is the season one finale of The Red Panda Adventures. Jack and Trixie take over in two weeks for six all-new episodes of Black Jack Justice. The Red Panda Adventures returns with Season Two starting October 7th!

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