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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Can't believe I missed this!

Better late than never- this episode of Small World Podcast was from June 7th, but I FINALLY got to listening to it, (yay parents being here and less computer time!! I have been catching up on my podcasts!) and it is a good interview!

I also have ANOTHER movie to see! I'm such a documentary slut. :-P

Michael Lahey, Making Waves documentary

Making WavesThis episode is work safe.

Interview with Michael Lahey, director of the Making Waves documentary.

We discuss what Making Waves is about; low-power FM radio; micropower radio and pirate radio; licensed and unlicensed radio stations; radio personality Shane Eden; Clear Channel and Infinity; the Telecommunications Act of 1996; a hypothetical situation if you started an independent radio station and the FCC wanted to shut you down; civil disobedience; Radio Limbo; if the radio airwaves are publicly owned and it is legal for citizens to start a radio station, why are the airwaves controlled by corporations and citizen radio stations shut down; the National Association of Broadcasters; National Public Radio; adjacency spacing; why he focused on independent radio stations in Tucson; the difference between KRVL and KOPC; KRVL co-Founder, Marshall Home; getting Radio Limbo founder David Forbes to appear in the documentary; Radio Free Lenawee founder Pastor Rick Strawcutter; Pastor Strawcutter’s video on how to start a pirate radio station; the status of Radio Limbo, KRVL, KOPC and Radio Free Lenawee since the documentary has been completed; insights he has gained about the future of low-power FM radio stations; Senators McCain and Leahy’s Low Power Radio Act of 2004;; why would somebody start an unlicensed and independent radio station; Free Speech TV on the Dish Network.

Download the trailer for Making Waves.

Featured song is “FCC” by 137.

Sorry I don't have the Small World graphic for this entry... I'm doing this from the lame-o computer in the living room so no access to all my top secret audio addict files....

1 comment:

Bazooka Joe said...

Thanks for the mention!

My friends and I were actually going to watch Making Waves the other night but we ended up getting drunk an dhaving a fascinating discussion about The Passion of the Christ and Saving Private Ryan. At least I think it was fascinating but you know how these things go when you're drunk.

The duscussion was getting so involved that we used the model of our radio meetings to discuss the topics: we'd go around the room, one by one, expressing our opinions and you'd have to raise your hand if you had a direct response to the person currently speaking.

While we were waiting for our turn to speak we all took notes so we wouldn't forget what we wanted to say. At one point I had a 12 bullet list of topics and rebuttals which included references to St. Augustine's City of God, Kant's Critique of Practical Reason, Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil, Jaynes Prigins of Consciousness in the Bicameral Mind and quotes from Jung and Campbell!

Now if only I could have stopped slurring :-)