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Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Long-Awaited Silent Universe Ep. #2

UPDATE: Bravo! I had to go back and listen to the first episode again (which really was NO bother), just to refresh myself on the situation, but you get right back into it instantly.
Man, I hope the next episode doesn't take as long- 4 months then a 17 minute show was like an extended teaser!
But SO worth it...

June 13:
Kay.. I had to double check and make sure I didn't miss an important post like this over at SFF audio- but they didn't post it!!! I've beat them to important sci-fi podcast information???

I will revel in blogger supremacy later.. ;-)

As always seems to happen in life, there were some minor delays, but the long-awaited second episode of Silent Universe is posted and ready for download!

Link to previous entry about this innovative podcast.

Silent Universe Episode 2 - Now Posted!

10 Minutes to Deep ImpactEpisode 2 of the Silent Universe podcast is now available to download. Our fast-paced sci-fi adventure picks up where the previous episode left off, letting us know the fate of Emmeline Kaley and her companion Ben Hernandez. Did they survive the accident? Will SERENDIPITY's risky nuclear plan be successful, or will the 300,000 citizens of Mars pay for their recklessness? Will Gill Frye ever get a clue? The answers to those questions and more all wait inside the latest installment.

This addict has been having a restless night herself, so I will be sure to listen later today... but for now I'm going back to bed. Enjoy!

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