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Friday, June 16, 2006

The Addict's Podcast List Part 1

I have this over on the MySpace blog, but then thought what the hell I might as well put it here too. If you've ever found yourself wondering "Just what DOES Dani listen to?"(and I'm sure you all have!), wonder no longer!

'Gabber JaW'
7th Son
A Different Point of View
All Axis Radio: Canada
American Dissent Radio
Lady Chatterly's Lover (hubba hubba)
Theory of Everything
Beyond Traditional Recognition
Canadian Podcast Buffet
Best of The Current
The Maritimes This Week
The Best of Ideas
Coyote Radio Theater
Decoder Ring Theatre (the Red Panda season finale was GREAT guys!)

OK, that's part 1- I'm up to the D's.
More soon!

1 comment:

The Faux Press said...

Hehehe - you again, you audio-addict, you. Thanks for the link-love!