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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Giant leeches and colossal robots can only mean...


OMG, did I have a diddy of a time getting the Sonic Society podcast posted today. I had started in the morning, because I knew I would be gone for the afternoon/evening, and I wanted to get it ALL finished and ready to go so all I had to do was post it when I got home this evening.

Sounds easy, n'est pas?

Well, not so easy when you've spent the afternoon in over 100 degree heat swimming. Then trying to race home a 10 mile wall of dust approaching from the south of you. My overactive imagination had thoughts of a certain Stephen King story...

Way-too-long-already story short, I posted it twice, once without the audio file, then had to scramble and delete and re-publish. Because I forgot that I all ready had it all saved to begin with. Yeesh... get the lady a hat, cause she done fried her brain in the sun today...

Anyway, because it's now after 2 in the morning, you can read all the great, inspiring, witty things I said about this particular show HERE.

I still do not get the No Soap Radio joke.

I'm going to bed. Myspace is the devil.

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