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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Try Going Wireless

Going through a whole bunch of emails I've been neglecting... getting my last posts in before the big Podcast Expo this weekend! I will still be posting, but more of an update thing as this audio addict hangs out with awesome podcast and new media folk from all over the globe!

But first- I shouldn't have sat on THIS email for so long- what a great company!!

"As an on-going project, we are uploading on average two plays a month and we pride ourselves on producing new and exciting writing, stuff you haven't heard before from new actors. We are a new company, but we're doing well so far - with a great hit rate - and we're planning to record a whole season of Shakespeare Plays this summer along with other classics to go along with the National Curriculum. We also have some more damn talented comedy writers coming in to record for us very soon."

"We are interested in submissions from actors, writers and anyone who has a love for audio theatre. The Company is also interested in showcasing plays which have already been recorded, providing they are of high quality and enjoyable! But most importantly, we want to spread the word with audio drama fans everywhere!"

Click the sub line and take a listen!

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