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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Changes to top 100 on Podcast Pickle

Now we podcasters have to work for our status in the ranks! From PDilly's blog:

"One of the first things we are changing is we will no longer zero out the My Playlist votes (previously called my favorites) twice a year. Once you add a podcast to your playlist, they will remain on your playlist until you remove them.

The Top 100 will be calculated from several different factors. Among them are the My Playlist Picks, The Reviews, Subscriptions, Episodes Played, and the Podcaster Tree . The new system will also take into account how long it has been since a listner has been to The longer the time since a listeners last visit, the lower their input counts.

We are going to attempt to build an unbiased ranking system of what the top 100 shows are according to our users."

Although it was nice to see rankings based on how many added your cast to their playlist, I can certainly understand the need to have the more unbiased strategy. Too many people can recruit others to merely join the site only to add their show. That isn't really fair to the other podcasts, when you think about it.

It will be interesting to watch how the ratings change, that's for sure.

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