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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sonic Society Season Three Begins

Well, actually it began a week ago- they are all ready two episodes in! In the premiere of season 3, we heard from:

*Decoder Ring Theatre, in audio-drama form as well as in a round table recorded over the summer,
*a promo for Short Cummings Audio
*and the Gigcast with an episode of their short "Garbage Gnomes"

Episode 2 gets all lathered up, with:

*a soap-opera from Radio Soap
*a promo from Shelly's Podcast (hey I'm going to be on a panel with her at the Podcast Expo!)
*and you can never go wrong with Dr. Floyd!!

Head over and catch up, they also have a new theme song this season as well! If you've *still* never heard of Sonic Society, well, you are forgiven but you must go now and check them out.



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