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Friday, September 28, 2007

Expo Day 2, Pt.1

Sitting here in the convention center, I have to thank GeekFit Steve's Blackberry for allowing me internet access so I could give you an update on the opening of the Convention!

Had a wonderful breakfast with Podcasting for Dummies author Tee Morris, and got inside information on the presentation he's going to be making on Sunday. Then I went over to the convention center and finally got to meet my dear sweet Joss-fan Tabz! (Tabz if you remember is one of the creators of Buffy Between The Lines, premiering October 6!)

We then hit the expo floor, and ran into many other podcasters. I would link to them all, but I can't remember all of them. I do have a growing collection of business cards, so I will have to come back and link later on.

At noon I headed over to the LA Podcasters booth for the panel on Women in Podcasting. I again need to add names and links later, but it was hosted by Shelly of Shelly's Podcast, and one name a lot of you will recognize on the panel (besides my own, of course!) is Podcast Queen herself Mur Lafferty. It was so great to finally meet the legend- she is awesome! It was a great discussion about how we as women feel we've advanced and grown in podcasting. There should be audio after the expo- I will be sure to give you all a link to it.

So now I sit, and I think I need to go back to the hotel for awhile and rest before the Couplecasters and friends meetup tonight. Before that is the awards ceremony, so I will try to catch some of that as well.

Very good times, and some very good photos being taken all around- I can't wait to share!

1 comment: (Mur Lafferty) said...

Good lord, you have me blushing! Thanks for all your kind words! It was great to meet you too!