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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

2007 Parsec Award Winners

Great group of shows- great award! I heard Dragon*Con was awesome, as it usually is. :-)
So.... go and check out the winners!

Best Speculative Fiction Story Short Form: No World for Warriors

Best Speculative Fiction Novella Form: The Arwen

Best Speculative Fiction Novel Form: The Immortals

Best Audio Drama (Short Form): Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd

Best Audio Drama (Long Form): Prometheus Radio Theatre

Best Audio Production: The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd

Best Video Production: Missing Pages

Best Video: Missing Pages

Best Non-Speculative Fiction: Number One with a Bullet

Best Fan Podcast: The Signal

Best Speculative Fiction News: Skepticality

Best Anime: Geek Nights Anime

Best Gaming: Pulp Gamer - Inside Track

Best Graphic Literature Podcast: Comics Radar

Best Infotainment Cast: Pulp Gamer - Out of Character

Best Reality Podcast: Tag in the Seam

Best Tech Podcast: Command Line

Best Writing Related Podcast: I Should Be Writing

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