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Monday, September 17, 2007

New script writing tool for audio cinema writers

Swiped shamelessly from The Sonic Society:

Documentary Film Editor, Radio Play Editor, & Versioning Lead Feature-Rich New Release

September 2007: St. John’s, Canada: Celtx – the first software to integrate the entire media pre-production process – has released a new version (v. targeted at improving the user experience for media writers and collaborators.

Celtx now includes two new script editors – a dual column AV editor supporting documentary filmmaking, music videos, advertising, and general AV projects, and an Audio Play editor for standardized radio scripts and podcasts. Also, all script editors now feature Dual Dialogue and reversible, colour-coded Index Cards.

Server side, Celtx sports an innovative new LaTex-powered TypeSet function – for precise industry-standard script formatting. Encryption technology has also been added to protect every upload & download between the desktop and the Celtx server.

New collaboration enhancement tools have also been built into Celtx Web Services. Snapshots are used to track a constantly evolving project, allowing the media creator to revert back to a known state at any time. Automatic Event Notification has also been added to keep project members up-to-the-minute on updates posted by team members.

Celtx also gets a face-lift in, with a new Splash Page design to provide direct access to popular script templates, plus a re-designed and re-engineered Project Central project publishing website, to better showcase the work of media creators.

About Celtx
Celtx is the world's first fully integrated software for pre-production and collaboration of film, theatre, radio and AV. It has all the tools media creators need to bring their stories to life – combining intelligent writing and planning tools, storyboarding, and scheduling with internet-friendly technologies. Open source and free to download, Celtx is the most complete media pre-production software program available anywhere, at any cost. Over 100,000 independent media creators in 160 countries create with Celtx.

Knowing that Jack Ward was an integral part of Celtx's development, it is definitely worth checking out!


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