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Monday, September 03, 2007

A new way to remember the 80's

Well, at least the late 80's. This podcast is definitely one of my all-time favorites to listen to, and not just because it comes from one of the Ollin Production team. Host Jamie Lawson takes you on a journey back in time, covering in a short, 6 or 7 minute show a lesser-known moment from 20 years ago that you might not have remembered. Or, a little different look at something that was all the talk at the time.

Either way, there is no way to tell you how much you are going to love this podcast-- you just need to listen for yourself. Just looking at the show page will show you exactly what the podcast is about.

Play around in the past awhile...

Fellow podcasters- Jamie is also looking to play your promo on the show! You can contact her at 20yearsago AT gmail DOT com.

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