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Friday, August 03, 2007

Silent Universe Is Back!

TOTALLY worth the cross-post:

The slicker than ever audio drama, Silent Universe, is out now with "Episode 6." J. Marcus Xavier's podcast series is tight and the show is flowing super-smoothly. This time around there's a free upgrade to the "64kbps stereo" edition in the feed too. Normally you'd have to pay to get the premium sound edition like this. Download direct |MP3| or plug this URL into your podcatcher to have a listen:

(Thanks Jesse baybeeee!)


Nobilis said...

64 kbps is an upgrade?

Wow. Most places that's the minimum acceptable.

Audio Addict said...

Hmm... you know that's true. I know that in audio cinema productions, the files can be so large that they are *very* condensed for podcast, just to be respectful of the listener's space. So 64 kbps would indeed be an upgrade, therefore giving you the higher-quality sound.