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Friday, August 03, 2007

PodioMedia Chat Interview w/ Gregg Taylor

The newly-named PodioMedia chat has started off its second season with an interview with the mastermind behind Decoder Ring Theatre, Gregg Taylor. I love listening to interviews with Gregg. There is no mistaking the wit and sense of humor (whoops, I'm writing about a Canadian- that's humour) that make Decoder Ring productions such a joy to listen to. He just sounds like a wonderful person!

PodioMedia Chat is the former PodioBook Chat (I am sure a new logo is forthcoming!). Host Chris Moody realized he had so many people beyond strictly podiobook authors he wanted to talk to, he needed to change the name! It's now open for all forms of entertainment podcasting and podcasters, and all of those involved in this growing medium.

He all ready has an impressive list of interviews in just 17 episodes alone. From Podcasting for Dummies co-author Evo Terra, to Sonic Society's Jack Ward, Scott Sigler to CC Chapman, it's a broad mix of entertainment creators who chat with Chris about what they love about what they do.

Head over and subscribe today... who knows? You might even hear a certain addict be interviewed soon... ;-)


DecoderRing said...

Any time you can find yourself being called a "mastermind" before 9 am AND make an American spell humour with both U's... that's good times. :)

Audio Addict said...

It was a good interview Greg! As to "mastermind", I am sure world domination is eminent. ;-)