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Thursday, August 16, 2007

It's Podcast Award Season!

Sticking with the theme, it seems this time of year is the time of year for all the podcast awards to be given. The previous post was about the Parsec Awards, which will be given out at Dragon*Con. There is another podcast award ceremony that is happening at that particular con, for the Podcast Peer Awards. It's the third installment of the awards, which are given twice a year. The winners of this round have been announced, and there was a great representation of audio drama and podiobooks represented, in several different categories. All nominated and voted on by fellow podcasters. You can see all the finalists and the winners if you click right here.

Also, the annual Podcast Awards finished up their voting and announced all of their winners this year, minus the People's Choice and Best Produced. Those are announced at the Podcast and New Media Expo in September, where the awards ceremony takes place. The numbers were crazy with voting this year, with 1.3 million individual people voting, and each person voted an average of 3 times over the two week period. That's insane! You can see all of the winners at the link here.

With every one of my votes, I made a comment about perhaps expanding to include separate categories for serialized fiction and audio drama. I think the time for their own space is well overdue, their popularity as increased greatly over the past year. That's a good thing!

Congratulations to all the finalists and winners of both of these awards!

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