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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Audio Drama in Podcasts

From my post after Podcamp City Online:

"[snip]I was also disappointed that the session by Jack Ward on audio cinema didn't work out. That's unfortunately one of the downsides of an online meetup- you are bound to have technical difficulties. It would have added to balancing out the topics of the day. As well as introducing audio cinema to quite a few people who I think have no idea about the power of this medium as it relates to podcasting.

"Fortunately, it is the same session that was given at this year's Podcasters Across Borders. Since the Canadian Podcast Buffet is posting audio from PAB, there is a good chance Jack's presentation will be added to the feed. I will definitely let you all know when/if it becomes available!"

Well- it's available! Well, it's been up in the feed for 5 days now actually. That shows how often I update iTunes.

Check it out here:

UPDATE: And, Jack gave me the link to the Powerpoint presentation that goes along with the audio! Download HERE and follow along!

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