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Monday, August 06, 2007

7/7/07 is Imminent(ly happening over and over)

UPDATE 8/6: (Is "imminently" even a word? LOL) JC has been working very hard on his 50/50/50 webpage, which is a directory of all the podcasts who interviewed JC during that crazy month of June! If you had a JC interview as part of the Book Three promotion, and you don't see your show on the page- let him know!

JC Hutchins is one big tease. The entire month of June podcasters
all over the internet world played their interviews with the man (this podcaster included) to help promote the third book release. I listened to several of them, and it was tons of fun. I loved all the different perspectives all of the different shows came from, based on what their shows are about. I swear, if you want to become a total JC Hutchins expert (or perhaps a stalker), here is a list of just a few of the podcasts he's had interviews with:

- Barely Podcasting (in 4 parts, then will put up the entire interview)
- Strangely Literal
- Tag in the Seam
-Tvindy Time
-Love Long and Prosper
-The Sci Phi Show
Update: - Muse With Me
Update: - The Gigcast
Update: - Better Late Than Never
Update: - Murder at Avedon Hill
Update: - Sonic Society
Update: - Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy

This was just off the top of my head. If you did an interview and want it listed- let me know and I'd be more than happy to add it!

What's next on this big tease leading up to the premiere of Book Three? Well, today episode Zero was posted! What is Episode Zero? Why, The Story So Far!

Tomorrow (Thursday) JC is having a Clone Line Q&A chat, and rumor has it that anyone who joins in for the chat will get a very special bonus... Friday is the big launch party in Second Life, then holy MOLY Saturday is the day!

UPDATE: Chapters One and Two of Book Three are AWESOME- but since you all are fans and listen, you all ready know this. ;-) JC has definitely taken the top spot as this Audio Addict's favorite writer!

If you have not subscribed to the 7th Son Novel yet, all you have to do is paste this feed into your podcatcher:

You can also get Book 1:Descent and Book 2: Deceit separately through It's also a perfect route to take if you just want straight story, with no extra-podcast frills and chat.


Tvindy said...

It's interesting that there doesn't yet seem to be a comprehensive list anywhere on the internet of all the interviews he did to promote the third book. That would be cool. I wonder how many states he ended up conquering.

Audio Addict said...

I agree, I even hunted around JC's site a bit thinking there might be a list there. I do remember him twittering every time he finished an interview, so I know there are definitely more than what I have listed.

So maybe this will turn into that comprehensive list! ;-)


Karen (aka MrsB) said...

I interviewed JC as well, and used it as my inaugural episode of my new podcast Muse with Me ( and also posted it in my regular Mrs. B's Patriot World Podcast.

And I agree, he is teasing big time, which is the perfect way to get everyone's attention right before the big day!

Dani in NC said...

MA in PA interview JC on episode 9 of Better L8 Than Nevr (