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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Podcamp City Online Wrap-up

Thursday I told you all about Podcamp City Online, and Saturday was the day. 12 hours of campy goodness!

Beginning at .... 6:30 in the morning. Yikes. But I did it. I got my ass up, wandered downstairs, started some major coffee brewing, and logged on. Unfortunately the program wouldn't work on the main computer in the studio, so I logged on through the lap top. I say unfortunately because I could only text chat vs. participating with my microphone. Such is life, so I got comfy on the sofa, coffee in hand, and began listening.

My overall view of Podcamp City, is that it definitely has potential. It was really, really good, and full of information. Of course, there was general podcasting information presented: What is a podcast, how do you do it, what equipment do you need, etc. etc. I actually found that one of the most interesting sessions, because most of those who attended were podcasters. Everyone interacted and presented information on what equipment they used and why. I think out of everything, that is where I personally got the most useful information for my own show. (I'm a big fan of interacting and gathering information from peers).

I loved Sean McMinn's session on podcasting and education, simply because it was neat to hear how podcasting is working with educating those who are learning English as a second language. Seeing proof of how innovating podcasting truly is always something I enjoy geeking out on. :-)

Another session that I felt everyone could relate to was the session on podfading. It was the last session, and I had to leave before it was finished, but I plan on listening to it again when the audio becomes available. My internet also caved on me the exact hour that Bruce, one of the camp organizers, was speaking about rss feeds and using them to attract more subscribers.

The sessions on making money with your podcast were the biggest turn off for me. I am certainly all for those who want to make money with their podcasts, but other than little bits about advertisers and such, I really wasn't all that interested. It also seemed to take up too much of the day's sessions, how to profit. Next time I will probably skip those sessions. (I stuck it out this first time because I wanted to blog about the overall experience of an online podcamp.)

I was also disappointed that the session by Jack Ward on audio cinema didn't work out. That's unfortunately one of the downsides of an online meetup- you are bound to have technical difficulties. It would have added to balancing out the topics of the day. As well as introducing audio cinema to quite a few people who I think have no idea about the power of this medium as it relates to podcasting.

Fortunately, it is the same session that was given at this year's Podcasters Across Borders. Since the Canadian Podcast Buffet is posting audio from PAB, there is a good chance Jack's presentation will be added to the feed. I will definitely let you all know when/if it becomes available!

The online podcamp is a great way to bring people from all over the world together to learn and chat about the one thing we all have in common: podcasting. It's also very helpful for the "financially challenged". Sure, Podcamps are free events, but if you want to attend one that is not year you (which plenty of podcasters do), you have to have air and hotel fare. What you don't get out of an online podcamp is face-to-face interaction with people. I think that is probably 3/4 of the fun when attending a podcamp- interacting with those whose voices you have only heard previously.

Will I attend the next Podcamp City Online? Probably. However, I will probably sleep in a little bit longer, and be more selective in the sessions I tune in for.

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Dani in NC said...

Thanks for the round-up. I signed up for Podcamp City but then stopped podcasting before it came around, so I didn't bother attending. Hearing that there was a lot about profiting from podcasting makes me glad I didn't log in. I have nothing against people making money, but that's not my bag so I would have been bored.