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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Canadian Podcast Buffet podcasting PAB audio all summer

If you weren't able to make it to Kingston, Ontario this year for Podcasters Across Borders you are in luck. The co-hosts of the Canadian Podcast Buffet (as well as the organizers of PAB) have just finished up their second season of regular podcasting, and over the summer they are going to podcast the audio taken during PAB weekend.

The Kick Off to the weekend is all ready in the feed, and you can find a detailed event list right here. I'm looking forward to hearing quite a few of the speakers. Not quite as good as being there and networking, but for lazy Americans like me who don't even have a passport, it works perfectly.

Speaking of being there, PAB 2008 has been scheduled for June 20-22nd. Guess it's time to start getting my papers together, eh?

Head to the link to listen, or for subscription information.

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