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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Texas Radio is at you in a Flash!

The latest episode of Sonic Society's summertime series features a Flash Gordon play written by Texas Radio Theatre's Richard Frohlich, and performed by the One Act Players. After doing a little more hunting over to Texas Radio's podcast site, I noticed they have an Episode 2!

I also noticed that the podcast site hasn't been updated in almost a year... hmmm... paging Mr. Frohlich! ;-)

No matter- radio drama is truly timeless, and if you've never heard any of Texas Radio's awesome work before, this is the perfect way to introduce yourself. Then head to the link below and see all the live performances that Texas Radio gives in the Arlington, Fort Worth and Dallas areas!

I also just subscribed to the One Act Players podcast as well! The Radio Nostalgia Network really does the radio drama/audio cinema world quite a service bringing us all this wonderful talent and entertainment!

1 comment:

Glenn Carlson said...

Richard and Texas Radio have no affiliation with One Act, we just both happened to find tackling Flash Gordon a worthwhile pursuit, albeit several years and 1500 miles apart.