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Monday, July 16, 2007

Podcasters, what are your favorite shows?

The finalists in the third round of Podcast Peer Awards have been announced.

What? You've never heard of the PPA's? Well, allow me to tell you, via their website:

"There are over 50,000 audio and video podcasts available. Most of them are lousy. How can you find the ones worth listening to?

Top Ten or Top Twenty-five lists are little more than popularity contests. You'll find some great shows there, shows that deserve their popularity. But you'll also find quite a few that are, well, let's just say that more people listen to Brittany Spears than Miles Davis. If you rely on popularity based lists and awards you'll be missing some of the best shows out there."

  • The Podcast Peer Awards are given out twice a year. Each category is only awarded once per year.

  • Award categories are selected by PPA members.

  • Members and non-members of the PPA are eligible to receive awards.

  • After categories are selected, members nominate podcasts. Any member may nominate any show for any category.

  • Members vote for or against nominated shows. A show's score is the number of yes votes minus the number of no votes. A score of +5 is necessary for a show to qualify as a finalist.

  • At the end of the nomination period the top five qualifying shows in each category will become finalists. Categories that do not have at least three qualifying shows will be retired for the current round.

  • PPA members vote for the winner!

It's a rather neat idea, considering podcasters really are in it together. I'm a big fan of supporting those underdog shows that do tend to be overshadowed by the popular ones. You don't have to have thousands of listeners to have a great show! You can, however, have thousands of listeners and have a not-so-great show. ;-)

So head over to the link and see all the finalists! If you are a podcaster, you just need to do a quick registration process to the forum in order to vote for your favorite shows!

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