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Saturday, April 29, 2006

When you really need a Hero...

I first heard the Red Panda series by Decoder Ring Theatre where else? Sonic Society. So much fun and has a perfect nostalgic feel to it, you expect to hear Orson Welles opening each podcast!

You will hear some of the first episodes of Red Panda on the "re-runs" of Sonic Society in their podcast during the summer... but if you're looking for some fresh Panda (ewww.... damn that just sounds bad), head over to Decoder Ring's podcast page and subscribe! NOW! Here is a teaser for their latest episode:

"An ancient killer stalks the city through shadows and fog. Each night
brings new terrors, new victims. With each new dawn there are more
questions, more outrage... and the lingering dread of the darkness to
come. Who dares to hunt the hunter? To bring the light of justice to a metropolis under siege? The city cries out for its champions; but can even the Terrific Twosome of Toronto, The Red Panda and The Flying Squirrel, withstand the fury of... The Shadow Hunter?"

See, you can't stay away now, can ya? ;-)

On a totally unrealted and odd note, my 5 year old came in while I was typing this, and said, quite seriously, "Why isn't there a Blue Panda?"

I just didn't have an answer. Gregg? :-D



DecoderRing said...

Well... In the original W.W.II Red Panda stories from six years ago (the ones I call the "Earth-2" Red Panda), there were different colour Pandas... just one of the many things that got the axe when we re-booted his universe and started the new series this past year.
Of course, if that doesn't satisfy five-year old curiosity and the desire for a "Blue" hero, there's always Blue Beetle just one of the "colourful" old-time heroes that inspired The Red Panda Adventures... and now that I'm thinking of it - Violet Crown Radio in Austin Tx has a hero called The Blue Menace who has adventures available on CD... (a plug for a plug... too bad Pay it forward was such a bad movie)


Jack said...

And here I thought that the WW II Red Panda stories were still canon.
Okay, time for me to go back and refill in our history!
Thanks so much for the update on that Gregg.
Course Biff Straker meeting the Red Panda in WW II still will make an awesome crossover.
Perhaps this summmer... hmmmm...

By the way. The Blue Defender is someone that can fit the model for a hero who's true blue! (Not blue as in sad though.. :) )

DecoderRing said...

We'll get to WWII in the new series eventually... it's 1935 for pete's sake!
lol.... Yeah, it's my own fault for re-running the original shows last summer when we launched our new podcasts. I just didn't have the heart to leave 'em behind.

Crossover?! Sign me up and continuity be darned! If Batman can fight Predator, Judge Dredd and who knows who else and have it mysteriously never mentioned again, I think we deserve a Straker/Panda Team-Up!